David Gengler

Digital Marketing & Analytics


David Gengler has been helping small and medium-sized companies improve or build their online tracking solutions so campaigns and site engagement can be measured in a more effective manner. Once everything is measurable, David strategizes with the client to gain an end-to-end understanding of their business goals and builds profitable free and paid campaigns in Google, Facebook, and more. As campaign data comes in, he works to translate numbers and spreadsheets into actionable business items and scales cost-effective campaigns.



What's the point of running either free or paid marketing campaigns if you don't know if they're profitable for your company? I help connect the dots and tie data from Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and more to marketing efforts.

Paid Advertising

I'm certified in Google Adwords and have run countless Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn campaigns to boost brand visibility and drive sales, leads, and signups.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking high in Google isn't just about links anymore. To start, it's having a rock-solid site architecture , a site that renders well on mobile screens, and content that people find genuinely helpful and not written purely for SEO purposes.

Project Management

For close to 10 years, I've helped lead and manage teams both in-office and in remote environments. With much of my background and my degree in information systems, I'm also able to understand technical discussions and translate them into actionable items for marketing and business decisions.


    Google Analytics
    Facebook Advertising
    Paid Search
    On-Site Optimization & Content Strategy
    Conversion Rate Optimization
    A/B Testing
    Display & Retargeting/Remarketing
    Google Tag Manager
    Acquisition & Growth

Work Experience

09.16 - Present

Digital Marketing & Analytics Consultant

David Gengler

Pittsburgh, PA

08.15 - 09.16

Manager of Online Marketing


Rohnert Park, CA

09.14 - 08.15

Paid Search Strategist


Denver, CO


08.07 - 05.11

BSc Business - Management Information Systems

Iowa State University

Ames, IA

Why I Love What I do

The Psychology

Working with clients across industries allows me to come up with and test new ideas. What will make people interested in what we're offering? This industry demographic doesn't normally engage with social media much, how can I get them to engage with my client on Facebook? It's questions like those that I like to think about and come up with solutions for that I can test.

The Data

Ok, great. We can get people to come to the site, but what are they DOING once they get there? Why aren't they purchasing the product you're selling or signing up for your upcoming webinar? Easy. Just look at the numbers. Digital marketing (and websites in general) are unique in that everything can be measured. I love coming up with ideas to try and see what makes a demographic engage with a client's brand and being able to see why they're dropping off in the conversion funnel, what the most profitable sales channels are, and even what mobile device and browser visitors are using for future design tests.

The Flexibility

Digital marketing and the way people use the internet has changed so much in the few decades it's been around. The same strategies that helped a website rank high in Google just 5 years ago would get them 'sandboxed', or removed from search results now. It's a learning game that no one in the industry ever finishes but that's fine by me. Doing the same thing day-in and day-out would bore me to death. It's rapid testing, analyzing the results, and preparing an entirely new angle for the next one.